Specialist Divorce and Family Solicitors. Call us now on 01202 805211

Specialist Divorce and Family Solicitors. Call us now on 01202 805211
David Williams and Sarah Jordan of Jordan Williams Law Ltd.

Specialist Divorce and Family Solicitors.

Call us now on 01202 805211

David Williams and Sarah Jordan of Jordan Williams Law Ltd.

Specialist Divorce and Family Solicitors.

Call us now on 01202 805211

Alternatives To Court with Jordan Williams Law

Alternatives To Court with Jordan Williams Law

JW Law can help with all steps in separation.

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What alternatives to court are there?

Jordan Williams Law Ltd. are specialist divorce lawyers situated in Corfe Mullen, Poole and Wimborne.
We can explain and help you through complexities of divorce and separation.

If you cannot resolve the differences between you directly there are methods available for you to try to reach an agreement without having to apply to the court. The specialist divorce and family solicitors at Jordan Williams Law Ltd, based in Corfe Mullen, Wimborne and Ferndown can advise you on the different methods available for resolving disputes. Contact David Williams or Sarah Jordan for an initial free consultation to discuss your particular needs.


You can refer yourself or ask your solicitor to refer you to mediation. A mediator is impartial and often legally trained, and will help you and your spouse or partner to find areas where you are in agreement and to resolve those where you are not.

Sometimes it can help to have an independent person to make sure that you both have a voice and are able to put your point of view. The mediator can help you both listen to what the other has to say. The mediator is neutral and cannot give you specific legal advice as the mediator does not represent either of you. A Resolution trained mediator lawyer will be able to give you general legal advice but cannot advise you specifically as the mediator is neutral and does not represent either person. But they will suggest that you take advice from your own solicitor during the process

Resolution have details of Resolution trained mediators on their website here

Collaborative Law

In collaborative law each of you appoint your own collaboratively trained lawyer. Your solicitor can then have meetings with you and your spouse or partner with their solicitor to try to resolve the differences between you. You will each meet with your lawyer so that you know what to expect at the meeting and your lawyers will usually have spoken to each other to plan the meetings.

This process is intended to help you reach an agreement without asking the court to make the decision for you. As part of the process you and your lawyers will sign an agreement to confirm that you wish to resolve things between you without going to court. If agreement cannot be made and the case subsequently goes to court different lawyers will have to represent you.

And to find a Resolution collaboratively trained lawyer near you go to their member search page here.

If you and your spouse have agreed a financial settlement between you as to how you want to divide assets, and how much maintenance one will pay the other (if any) on divorce we can offer you a fixed fee agreement to prepare or check a consent order for you.


Arbitration is an alternative to court that can be used to resolve children matters and or financial claims between married couples, or property claims between unmarried couples. If you identify perhaps one area where you cannot reach agreement, then you could arbitrate on that specific issue. You and your partner appoint an arbitrator to make your decision for you and the arbitrator’s final decision will be binding on both of you. The arbitration procedure is intended to be more flexible, and quicker than the court process. You and your partner will have far more control over how you wish the process to run, and it is likely that using arbitration will be more cost-effective than applying to the court.

Or visit the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators website here.

Contact Jordan Williams Law for help with Financial Arranagements after divorce or separation.

We can help guide you and help find an equitable solution. We are experts in these areas. Contact our specialist family solicitors David and Sarah now.

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